Education Equity for All

The need for Equity in Education

Created by: Dylan Ashcraft

the foundation of education

Each day 55.6 million children in the United States go to school. 55.6 million students will spend eight hours a day dedicated to their academic advancement. Are these students receiving the same education?


Is the American education system equipped to aid every student to reach their academic potential?

It is not. 

Education provides the foundation of skills to live an individualized life. When schools cannot provide resources essential to the academic and personal growth of a student, they are facing education inequity.

This social justice issue can have long-term effects on the lives of students, their families, educators and the community. Education is the key to a functioning democracy. 

Educational inequity is at its very nature social justice because it is justice for people in a society. If people don't have the same access to education, if they don't have the same access to knowledge, to skill sets and to a rich and rewarding experience of developing as a human, not as a successful member of society, but as a human, they don't have a life that's worth living completely,” high school teacher John Doyle said.

When it comes to opportunities in education, where is the equity?


Written by: Sydney Lynch

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